Humanoid Robot

Humanoid are still lot of challenges for the researchers dynamic motion planning, control, perception, and mission operations. Many researchers who have contributed to solving the problems in the respective fields. The workshop aims to promote the topic by discuss and demonstrate about the current development of humanoid robots, especially in Indonesia. Topics of discussion regarding the development of hardware (sensors, actuators, and robot design) and software (control, planning, estimation, interface) for the development of humanoid robots.

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The workshop features six contributions on highly capable hardware and software modules for humanoid robots in a combination of oral presentations with in-depth interactive sessions.

Motivation and Objectives
Humanoids are capable of incredibly sophisticated motion, perception, and interaction with their environments. They are also well-suited for executing complex tasks in constrained, human-engineered environments with applications as robotic co-workers, service robots, and avatars for human response forces for disaster recovery. The recent DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) was a dramatic demonstration of the state-of-the-art of humanoids in the last category.
The workshop aims at bringing together researchers from the KRSBI (Kontes Robot
Sepak Bola Indonesia) and Robotic communities, as well as other researchers interested
in the subject. The program consists of invited talks, contributed presentations, and a
panel discussion.

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