IES 2024

Keynote speakers

Prof. Naoki Uchiyama

Toyohashi University of Technology

Naoki Uchiyama (Member, IEEE) received the associate B.E. degree from Numazu National College of Technology, Shizuoka, Japan, in 1988, and the B.E. and M.E. degrees from Shizuoka University, Shizuoka, Japan, in 1990 and 1992, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan, in 1995. He was a Visiting Scholar with the University of California at Davis, from 2001 to 2002. Since 1995, he has been with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology, Aichi, Japan, where he is currently a Professor. He is a member of IEEE IES, CSS, and RAS.

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Prof. Dedid Cahya Happyanto

Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya

Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedid Cahya Happyanto is an esteemed academic and researcher, specializing in the field of Intelligent Control & Electric Vehicle. He was conferred the title of a full professor at the Electronics Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (PENS). Prof. Happyanto’s research and academic pursuits are focused on the development of electric vehicle technology and its integration into smart city infrastructure. He is particularly interested in exploring the use of artificial intelligence in electric vehicles and the implementation of technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and big data for monitoring and control purposes.

Prof. Happyanto’s work is not only academically significant but also has practical implications for the future of transportation and urban living. His vision includes autonomous electric vehicles and their role in reducing pollution and enhancing the quality of life in urban areas. His research and teachings at PENS have significantly contributed to the field, marking him as a leading figure in the development of smart and sustainable transportation solutions.

Josefhine Chitra

PT. GoTo Gojek Tokopedia

Josefhine Chitra is Head of Public Affairs at GoTo Group. She’s been with the company for 6 years. Previously, she worked at an environmental think-tank, World Resources Institute and a communications consultant, Maverick. She earned her bachelor’s degree in international relations from Parahyangan Catholic University and master’s degree in development management from London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Prof. Hiroo Iwata

Musashino University

Hiroo Iwata started projects on virtual reality in 1986 at the University of Tsukuba. His research interests include embodied sensations such as haptics and locomotion. He exhibited his work at the Emerging Technologies venue of the SIGGRAPH every year from 1994 to 2007. He was the general chair of the World Haptics Conference 2007 as well as Asia Haptics 2014. He launched the Ph.D. Program in Empowerment Informatics at the University of Tsukuba in 2013. He was the president of the Virtual Reality Society Japan from 2016 to 2019. He retired from the University of Tsukuba in 2023, and moved to the Faculty of Data Science of Mussashino University where he launched a new project “Data Sensorium”. He won the IEEE 2024 VGTC Virtual Reality Lifetime Achievement Award.



International electronics Symposium on Engineering Technology and Applications

Join us in International Electronics Symposium on Engineering Technology and Applications (IES-ETA) 2024. The symposium is focusing on practical application of science and engineering to a wide range of real world problems, delivering the engineering technology from laboratory to marketplace. IES-ETA 2024 brings technology and business leaders, experts from academia, and government together to materialise the ideas. On behalf of our symposium organizers we warmly invite you to submit your full paper and participate in this exciting international event

Topics of Interest

Power engineering and Energy Technology

  • Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
  • Power Generation Technology
  • Power System Dynamic, Stability and Control
  • Power System Protection, Reliability and Security
  • Electric Power Transmissions and Distributions
  • Power Electronic Converter Topologies, Design and Control
  • Switch-Mode Power Supplies and UPS
  • Electric Drives and Electrical Machines
  • Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technology
  • Energy Storage System and Technology

Telecommunication Engineering Technology

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Electromagnetic and Radio Propagation
  • Wireless and Mobile Communications
  • Telecommunication, Propagation and Networking
  • Computational Electromagnetics and Electromagnetics Simulation Technology
  • DSP real-time encoding technology and signal Embedded Systems

Electronics Systems and Electrics Technology

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Microelectronic Circuits and Systems
  • Measurement and Instrumentations
  • Nano Technology
  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical System
  • Sensor, RFID, and Electronic Design
  • Material and Device
  • Vehicular technology

Robotics Technology and Control Systems

  • Robotic Vision
  • Intelligent Robotics
  • New Mechanism and Mobility
  • Networked/Ubiquitous Robotics
  • Disaster Robotics
  • Humanoid Robot
  • Service Robotics
  • Nano/Micro Robotics
  • Surgery Robot


International Electronics Symposium on Knowledge Creation and Intelligent Computing

Knowledge creation is becoming more important topic for researchers and users in academic, management and industrial fields. The term has been widely used for the last couple of years, and refers to the formation of new ideas through interactions between explicit and tacit knowledge in individual human mind. To realise knowledge creation in real life, it is essential to transform human mind into computation in order to extract potentially useful information from data and create valuable knowledge. The use of intelligent techniques in computing-related fields can be useful to retrieve meaningful result in automated processes for knowledge creation.

Post Conference:

  • KCIC 2012, Surabaya, March 13-14, 2012
  • KCIC 2013, Bali, March 20-21, 2013
  • KCIC 2014, Malang, March 25-26, 2014
  • KCIC 2015, Surabaya-Bali, March 24-26, 2015
  • KCIC 2016, Manado, Nopember 15-17, 2016
  • KCIC 2017 merged with IES ever since. 

Topics of Interest

Immersive Technology and Interactive Media

  • Virtual engineering
  • Digital twin technology
  • Immersive digital experiences
  • Pervasive game technology
  • Gamification
  • Audio and video technology

Knowledge Base and Engineering

  • Information modelling
  • Knowledge acquisition and accumulation
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Knowledge management
  • Information systems and applications
  • Human-computer interaction and Modelling
  • Intelligent optimization

Intelligent Multimedia Systems

  • Multimedia modelling
  • Multimedia computing systems and applications
  • Intelligent multimedia analysis and processing
  • Web intelligence
  • Web-based support systems
  • Multimedia information retrievals

Computational Intelligence

  • Learning and adaptation
  • Perception and learning
  • Emotion modellin
  • Cognitive sciences
  • Probabilistic and reasoning computation
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Statistical methods and data mining
  • Pattern recognition
  • Artificial intelligence and soft-computing

Applied-Computing Sciences

  • ICT-based environmental studies and computations
  • Social-based computing model and analysis
  • Social media engineering
  • E-Learning and educational computation
  • Cross-cultural computation and modelling
  • Disaster management computing and support systems
  • Medical computing analysis and applications
  • Robotics computing model and applications
  • Intelligent text processing and Computational linguistics
  • Linguistic knowledge modelling and representation


IES 2024 provides booths for companies and institutions to present and promote their ideas and innovative products. Sponsors with Gold and Silver levels will have the chance to show their innovative products in the booth. They may use the time to introduce or promote their business to the participants. For more details of this exhibition, please contact us.