Presentation Video Instruction

All IES 2020 virtual conference presenters must create a presentation video of the paper and submit it to the organizer. The requirements of the video presentation are as follows:


  1. The maximum duration is 10 minutes
  2. Face of the presenter should be appearing during the video presentation
  3. The maximum size of the video is 200MB
  4. Video must have sufficiently good resolution and taken in a good illumination condition
  5. The video format is MP4 file
  6. Video file name is the paper ID_presenter name
  7. Any softwares can be used for recording video and audio from your computer including Screencast-O-Matic, webex, zoom, PowerPoint, etc.
  8. An example of presentation video, please visit:
  9. In case we cannot open the submitted video file of presentation, we will directly contact the authors.